08 - Tell Me I’m Joshua

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Tuneswapping is back less than 5 years later this time - the old fart gets Cage the Elephant while the young-un gets U2.  Statements made within are based purely on opinion and faulty, old-man-memory.  Listen at your own risk and believe what you will.  Oh, and you are pretty!


07 - Crimson and Vota

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It's been just a few days, but we're back with a new show!  Ok, replace days with years and then that sentence will be true.  2016 brings us to a renewed appreciation for TuneSwappin' and we're excited to podfade back IN!  For our seventh episode we cover Phil Keaggy's "Crimson and Blue" along with Vota's...um..."Vota" album.  Anyone wanna bet how long it will take us to record episode 8?


06 Is My Momento

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In episode six (wait, is that how many months have gone by?) we talk about Flyleaf's "Momento Mori" and Hawk Nelson's "...Is My Friend". We got an email!! And we saw Jars of Clay!


05 - Range Chasen

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Nina and the Dad talk about Chasen and Bruce Hornsby and the Range. Some contemporary Christian pop/rock and some old 80's radio staples. Plus - WE GOT AN EMAIL! Next week - Hawk Nelson Is My Friend (It feels so true!) and Memento Mori by Flyleaf (A listener suggestion).


Horseshoes Picked

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This week we talk about "Last One Picked" by Superchick and "Horseshoes & Hand Grenades" by Disciple. Drop us a comment or an email anytime. Let us know how we're doing. Happy listening.


The Question Letter

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In episode 3 we cover Neal Morse and The Letter Black. Seeking the temple of the Living God? Want to fight some fire with fire? Have an itch for some good prog and power chords? Then this is the episode for you! Now edited down to a manageable length. Take a listen and don't forget to drop us a note (tuneswappin@gmail.com) with any thoughts or suggestions.


The Big Krystal

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Episode 2 hits the webs! Nina and the dad discuss Krystal Meyers' debut and Smitty's "The Big Picture" CDs. Take a listen and join the Tuneswappin audience! Suggestions, comments, rebuttals, and slander can all be sent to tuneswappin@gmail.com. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!


Relient Heroes

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Our first episode for the podcast where father and daughter give each other a CD to check out and talk about on the show. Korina threw a Relient K CD at me - "Two Lefts Don't Make a Right...But Three Do" while I tossed House of Heroes' latest release "Suburba" at her.

This is our first episode and we have a LOT of learning to do; we know it. Please forgive the shortcomings as we learn to improve!